Sharjah, Oman and Sri Lanka

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Hi my dear English reader’s.

It took a while for the new English blog. Maybe because I’m lazy or slow travel makes my blogging also very slow.

So I left Iran with the ferry to sharjah. With a bike it’s relatively easy to get on-board. After you have a ticket and report at the harbour you have multiple check’s before you can board. But if you just play stupid and go slowly you only have to fit your bike thru the metal detector and your on the boat. My friend’s with the truck have to report a day before and have some checks and have to pay money for the most weird thing. 

Arrival in sharjah was in the morning and I tool till 16:00 hours before we where outside the port. Because I meet a young French couple on a motorbike and decided to go with them to Dubai. But it took so long to enter sharjah we decided to go with a big group to find a beach to camp. The group consists of French couple, German couple with big truck, other German couple with even bigger truck and a Chinees couple with a campervan. After 5 kilometres we found a beach runned by couple nice guy’s and we could camp there. So beach, shower, restaurant, bar and in the distant skyline of Dubai. I stayed there two night before setting of to Oman. Didn’t go to Dubai because it’s to expensive.

Oman, one terrifying ride from sharjah and everything changes. People where friendly, nice roads to cycle and the beach on my left side for days. Cycling in Oman is easy and cheap. You can camp at the beach or sometime you find a park. People are interested but not to bad. One day u could not find a campspot and was standing at a mosque little desperate. Then a guy asked some usual questions and after some talks I could camp in his garden, then he offered me the guesthouse witch was a big villa. The people you meet make the journey.

Muscat, after five days I reached the capital city and thru my dad’s friends I got invited to stay with a Dutch family. This was amazing week and we did some tour thru the mountains with a jeep and had some nice swim’s in the sea. The arrival of Sinterklaas. And just before I left it was possible to give a presentation at the English PDO school in Muscat. This was so cool and the kids where amazing and had a lott of questions. After this was time to backup my bike and taking it apart for the flight to Sri Lanka. my bike is so big that I needed to boxes to fit it in. Luckily I booked a flight with Oman Air and didn’t have to pay for the extra weight because it was sporting equipment. (55 kg).

Sri Lanka, coming for the dry land of Oman it’s a big difference, now I’m in the jungle with a lott of animals and all kinds of plants. Also it’s a lott more humid here. I stayed three nights in Negombo before setting of in land to Kandy. One day bike reassembly, one day visa extension for Sri Lanka, that took a while day to get. And one day to see Negombo and drink a beer. 

Cycling in Sri Lanka is amazing and wonderful. People are all smiling and saying hello. You can buy everywhere food and drinks, and the tuktuk driver’s are not so bad. I stayed in Kandy couple days to apply for India visa and sightseeing. Then cycled to Nuwara Eliya thru the teaplantations really amazing views especially after the big climb to 2000+ meters. One day sightseeing and today I cycled to Ella. Here I will stay a while to hike some trails and go back with train to Kandy to pickup my Indian visa. 

Now all that is left is the pictures…

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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