Review: ruggear RG730

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On my cycle trip I use all kinds of outdoor equipment. And they are getting beaten up by my use. Therefore I want to make some reviews about the gear I us.

The first review will be about my mobile phone that I use on this trip.

I started my trip with a already damaged phone and this one finally broke down in Bosnia on the road. Then I started looking for a phone that can handle my abuse. So it had to be very strong, can handle some drops on the floor and be waterproof. After a search I found a company in Germany that makes exactly the phone I need, the company is called Ruggear. After some contact with Ruggear they set me up with a indestructible phone (I hope) the Ruggear Rg730.

I’m using this phone for over three months and it’s still going strong. I dropped it more then hundred times and it’s survived rain, water and a river. I will make a small list of the good and bad things I found with this phone.

Good things:

-waterproof, shockproof and dirt you can just wash off.

– one programmable button, this I use for starting GPS application open street map which is very handy.

– newest android that works very fast and smooth with every application.

– Battery life is very long is has a battery of 3020 mAh  what means with normal use it runs at least 2 days and when cycling with Gps and music more then 4 days.

– good camera that makes nice pictures and short movies.

-4G network.

Bad things:

– only one it crashes when you use strava application.

The phone is military grade and certification for drop protection MIL-STD 810G and a IP68 certificate for water and dustproof. 

click here for Ruggear company 

If you have any questions about the phone please contact me and I will help you.

3 thoughts on “Review: ruggear RG730

  1. Hi , my name is John .
    And I bought this rg-730 phone especially for using my strava.
    Now , my phone crashes when I use this app. Do you no allready a solution for this problem ?
    Please resond..
    Kind regards John.

    1. hi Johan,
      Did you Receive my response? Can’t find it back but I updated everything and it’s still not working in my phone. Did contact ruggear but no solution yet.
      Kind regards

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