First month cycling India

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Hello my friend,

I will start where I left of, so you know I arrived in Madurai. Strolled around the city for couple days before I left on the bike.

Destination was Munnar in the mountains. On my way I meet a nice man that had worked in Netherlands and now started his own restaurant chain in India, we ate at his place and he also hooked me up with a simcart thru a friend of him.

The next day was a massive climb of almost 30 km, after reaching the top I was wrecked. Unfortunately the road didn’t go down but curved thru teaplantations. So I had to find a spot before munnar to sleep. Cycling here reminded me a lott off Sri Lanka with all the plantation’s and curvy roads. The following day I only road 30 km because my legs where empty. 

After looking on the internet what to do in Kerala I found out that the backwaters was worth a visit so I changed the route a little and took a couple day detour to Alappuzha. Three days later I arrived and found a hostel to plan me trip with the boat from. Meet some nice guy’s and we took a boat tour together, see the pictures. During the tour we tired some homemade alcohol drink, made from coconuts and jist, they place it in barrel’s in the sun for one day. The taste was terrible and seriously not drinkable.

After a rest day I cycled towards Kochi only 60 km up north and walked around in the afternoon here. From here I decided to go to Mysore and visit the old palace and then go up to Hampi instead of following only the coast. 

On my way to Mysore I cycled thru some parks and forest’s saw some tigersigns but didn’t spot any tiger only my tiger horn. I stayed with a Indian guy from the cycle community Warmshowers what was pretty nice. 

In Mysore also found a place thru Warmshowers, this was with a nice girl and her father had a resort where I could stay and this was really great for two night. On the resort where a lott of art pieces of her dad how is an artist. We visit Mysore together and she showed me around. The palace was quiet nice but your not allowed to take pictures inside, So please don’t report me now.

After Mysore it was a five day ride towards Hampi. The roads where getting busy with very big trucks and also the condition off the roads was terrible, you couldn’t call it asphalt anymore. On my way I camped in my tent one day behind a small restaurant and another day asked at a house with very big garden. This turned out to be great, the family that lived there invited me and we had a nice dinner. I went with the soon to buy some chicken in the village. Unfortunately the butcher was sold out, so he came with us in the car and we drove to the chicken farm bought couple chicken’s, drove back to the butchery and he prepared the chicken’s for us. The next day was the worst day of cycling ever, the road was so wrecked and small I was ran of the road couple times by big truck’s. Finally I arrived in Hampi and needed a break. 

Hampi, the first two nights I camped at a restaurant and had a rest day. After this I cycled in the centre and found a nice place with huts to stay. Here I meet my new German friends. The four of us went on a tuktuk tour around hampi and other day’s we went with a moped and scooter to a lake to swim. And we men had one day driver together as maniacs thru the mountains. Ofcourse Florian got a flat tire in middle of nowhere. Luckily after couple kilometres there was a old men that helped out and took us to a mechanic. He was riding with the moped with flat tire and at the next village the mechanic was there. Also the whole village came looking what two white dude’s where doing in there town. It where some good days but after a week I had to go on. Destination Goa.

First stop was gokarna that was still in province Karnataka, and stayed here for some days. Had a beach hut and it where some lazy days. Here I meet an old friend Neil and Megan. Neil I meet in Iran and spend a week in Teheran. It was nice to see a familiar face.
 I cycled along the coast and in Vagator I stayed in a hostel and went to a party with some guy’s from French. In Goa there are a lott of parties and a lott of tourists. The tourist can be divided in couple groups; Russians, they start drinking when the sun comes up and never stop. English, they start drinking after there breakfast tea. Hippies, old and new ones, some on this planet and some in another universe. But all the people I meet where super friendly and it was a good time. 

Cycling in Goa was really hard, the traffic is not that nice but the weather is killing. On the climbs you get so hot you have to stop cycling and rest for long time to try to cool down. So I decided to take a bus to Mumbai. 

Now I’m couple days in Mumbai, I had Delhi belly again for the first couple day’s. Now is getting better and tomorrow I will go around the city to explore. I’m staying with a friend that I met in Iran. 

The plan is to stay here till the end of the week and take a train near Agra. Where I stay with a old colleague and see, Agra, Varanasi, tjah mahal, holi festival. After this I will cycle to Nepal. And my stalker parents will be there 😀.

My Gps is not working as well because the coverage in India is not optimal, see photo, but I did so far 1800 km in India. If you’re interested in detail’s of riding send a mail. 

I will leave you with the pictures. ( And again my phone crashes when I try to upload pictures in this blog. I try to find another way.)
Happy day and goodbye😆😙

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